Ford's cozy little life has been turned upside down. He is damaged goods, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress over the fact that a couple of months ago,he had killed someone. It was in self defense. The classic him-or-me scenario, but the fact was he had taken a life.

Now Ford has a chance at redemption, working as an assistant to a celebrity chef on a wine train that is traveling from Los Angeles to New York. Only there's a murder, and his boss is accused. Can Ford and his amateur sleuth friends solve this mystery?

Will Ford's psyche handle the stress of all that has been dumped on his lap? Find out in Ford Edwards latest adventure, The Ford Chronicles: Off Track.

The writer does an excellent job in combining momemts comedy and drama to tell an engaging mystery which our hero skillfully unravels. Tension and suspense make this a cool page turner and a modern rendition of stories like, "Murder on the Orient Express."

Ford and his friends are back, along with some new and interesting characters in the second book of The Ford the last 100 pages I could not put the book down. Off Track mixes humor, suspense, and a few "knowing winks" to wine enthusiasts who will enjoy this story (not that being a wine enthusiast is necessary to enjoy this murder mystery!)

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